Bar & Pub Signs (Neon look, LED light source)

The Bar & Pub business is very competitive, making it important to stand out from the crowd. Why use your valuable window space to advertise for beer companies when you can use SpellBrite to draw in patrons? Tell you prospective customers why they should come in. What time is happy hour? Do you have billiards, new menu items or live music? SpellBrite letters, numbers and special characters easily click together and allow you to make any sign message and change it any time. The SpellBrite signage system offers an intoxicating array of features including onboard flash and pulse controls, an impact resistant construction and low energy use. SpellBrite also has an onboard dimmer control so you can mount your sign to a wall inside your establishment without blinding your customers. Order a round of signs from the samples below or create your own since there is no limit to what you can say with SpellBrite LED signage.

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