Barber Shop Signs (Neon look, LED light source)

Running a barber shop can be a hairy business so it is important that your promotional signage projects the stylish image you are looking for. Our patented, interchangeable SpellBrite LED signs project a clean, professional appearance. One of the many drawbacks of neon signage is it can never be changed and it may require professional installation. However, durable SpellBrite signs can be changed as often as you like and its lock-together design allows customers to install it themselves. Barber shops have been reporting increased sales and decreased downtime when using SpellBrite letters to advertise “HAIR CUT JUST 19.95” or “NO WAIT”, for example. Others have used SpellBrite to test different price points for their products and services in order to maximize foot traffic, workflow and profit within each local market. Give your store a new look by choosing one of the suggested signs below or make up your own.

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