Cleaners/Laundromat Signs (Neon look, LED light source)

It can be hard for Laundromats and dry cleaning businesses to iron out ways to attract new customers. Thanks to the eye-catching power of custom SpellBrite LED signs you can clean up against the competition. SpellBrite’s click together installation is a snap for anyone to install. Since Laundromats are often unsupervised, durability and low maintenance are key needs for your store. SpellBrite signage is more durable than neon and uses LEDs rated at 80,000 hours, nearly three times that of neon signs. Whereas entire sections of a neon sign will not light if part of the glass tube is cracked anywhere, SpellBrite uses a modular system where only an affected letter need be replaced making it a more cost-effective solution. Consider one of the sign options below or get creative and make your own.

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