Massage & Spa Signs (Neon look, LED light source)

Your customers come to your store for a unique experience that makes them feel good. Shouldn’t your business signage make you feel good as well? If so, consider the SpellBrite LED signage system that features ultra-bright red LEDs that can be easily read in full sunlight, even through dark tinted windows. SpellBrite signs offer a fresh, clean design and smooth illumination which projects a professional image and makes your store more appealing. As consumers are becoming more environmentally friendly, you can tell them that SpellBrite signage features a low power, low voltage design that often takes less energy to run than a 40w incandescent light bulb. Our signs can be changed any time in case you want to run a special promotion or announce a new service. Feel free to choose from some of our sign options below or make up your own.

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