OPEN signs (Neon look, LED light source)

There’s no point in being open if your customers can’t tell you are ready for their business. That won’t be a problem with bright, high impact SpellBrite LED “Open” signs. Compared to neon signs, dot LED signs and scrolling LED displays, SpellBrite signs create a more professional appearance and are appropriate for any business, from restaurants to accountants and physicians. SpellBrite signs are very durable, long lasting and safer around customers than high voltage glass neon. So don’t bother trying to get your broken neon signs repaired. Upgrade to the latest LED technology with SpellBrite. A SpellBrite open sign in your front window will generate more foot traffic and sales for your store. You can also create custom messages with SpellBrite since the letters, numbers and symbols are interchangeable – list your business hours with a SpellBrite sign and customers readily see when they can reach you.

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